Sunday, November 25, 2007

The blog has been updated!!!

My apologies for being a bad blogger...if I were a less honest person, I would play my triplet card here and claim that I had no time and couldn't possibly get to it until now. In reality...I have plenty of time. Sydney naps at least 2 hours a day still and is in daycare 2 days a week. The boys are not nearly mobile yet and do quite a lot of sleeping as well. All of the kids are in bed by 9:30pm, so there really is no excuse except for this: there are no pictures to update you with! They say the second child doesn't have nearly as many pictures, but I was certain that if the 2nd child came with a 3rd and a 4th, surely I would be compelled to take a lot of pictures of this....but sadly, I am a little short on pictures of the kids. I realize I could update the blog without a super cute picture, but I know you want to see them, and so I do nothing...but I will make an early resolution to be a better blogger and obviously take more pictures =)

So the most frequent question I've been asked lately is whether our nanny (Wilbina) has arrived. And the short answer is no. We began the process about 6 months ago, but unfortunately Wilbina still does not have a visa to come to Canada. We are really hopeful that she will get it very soon as she may have to return to the Philippines soon if she doesn't.

Sydney started at a new daycare a few weeks ago. We felt she was getting a bit bored at home, and would benefit from a part-time pre-school program. It's a new daycare which is just starting up, so the classes are currently very small. We thought that might help her transition better since she has 'personal space' issues =) We didn't go back to Peekaboo because we thought the classes would be fuller and we wouldn't necessarily get our pick of days for a part-time spot....having said that, we never asked, so maybe we would have, but I think the class size is really important for Sydney. So far everything is going well, and it frees me up a bit to spend some closer time with Jake, Ryan & Seth. They are incredibly good babies, and therefore get neglected a little bit when Sydney is home.

The boys have been busy with appointments for the last couple of weeks. We had eye exams at McMaster, 4 month shots at the doctor, and RSV shots at Grand River Hospital. I'm sure they were feeling a bit beat up after that, but they are safe for another month or so! I don't remember all of their weights (although it's written on a paper somewhere in my house...), but Seth was 15lbs 5oz!! I think Jake was 13lbs 10oz and Ryan 14lbs 8oz. Something like that anyway...they are big, big boys!! I think they are getting comparable to a regular 5 month old full term baby in size, but developmentally, they are still much more similar to 3 month old babies. Their head strength is still a bit lacking and they haven't got the coordination to pick up or play with a toy. They are pretty far from sitting up on their own. Generally preemie babies catch up with their full term counterparts by around age 2, but the differences become a bit more minor after age one I think.

We were really excited that Oma could come for a visit last weekend. My mom (aka gramma Place), came up for the day and brought Oma, Jessica and Kerstin (my neices) with her. I was really happy that she got to see the boys since I'm not sure if we'll make it to Kingston for Christmas. They are growing so fast and pictures just don't do them justice (am I a proud mamma or what??). I was particularly happy to get a picture of Oma with all of her great grandkids so far(and that doesn't mean anything other than the fact that she has lots of grandkids to give her great grandkids...don't even go there!)

Aunt Susan and uncle Kevin came for a visit too that weekend, but I missed it because I was Christmas shopping in Buffalo! My understanding is that daddy let Syd wear her pajamas all day....nice one dad!

We also got a shot of Gramma Place with all of her grandbabies!

We're busy getting ready for Christmas at our house. We've got the tree up, although not fully decorated, and Sydney paid a visit to Santa at the mall. I thought I better try her out on her own before I dragged all 4 of them there to get a picture! She was very brave, right up until the moment that she had to get within 20 feet of him. So I snuggled in beside Santa and she sat on my lap and told me what she wanted for Christmas. She was quite excited about her candy cane (2 candy canes actually...the first of which I accidentally dropped on the mall floor and shattered in a million pieces.....), as long as she has a big glass of water close by to make her tongue feel better after she licks it. Candy canes are pretty spicy I guess....

Here are the boys in their Christmas PJs! They are growing so fast that they won't fit at Christmas time, so we thought we better get a picture now! Thanks for the sleepers Auntie Sue!!

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