Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer time means SWIM SWIM SWIM!!!

Just a quick post...wanting to jot down my observations lately regarding my little 'swimmers'! Sydney & Ryan have been doing swimming lessons for a while at the YMCA...almost a year really! Sydney was getting more confident, putting her face in the water and jumping in on her own...but that's about the extent of her swimming 'abilities'. Ryan still needed the instructor to hold his hands while he jumped in, but he would 'bob' under the water occassionally. Well, we took them out of lessons for the summer since we're spending plenty of time in the backyard pool anyway...and in no time flat, everyone is jumping in, Sydney's out of her water wings (she can touch on tippy toe) and they are moving around the pool like pros (well...pros with water wings!!). So amazing to watch their confidence grow! Next year they'll probably all be able to touch and we'll be down to one water wing kid!!

So today, Paul put a set of water wings on Jamie to see if she could stay up with them on...and she sort of could but if she leaned forward her face went right, he put on TWO pairs of water wings! haha! And guess what?? She floats!! Just wanted to share a little video of the frightening confidence of one 17 month old Jamie Held!! haha


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