Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sydney is two!!

Today is Sydney's second birthday...my how time has flown by! Unfortunately, her birthday will be pretty uneventful this year, but we'll definitely make it up to her next year! Gramma and Grampa Held came for a birthday visit this weekend and took Sydney to the Lion Safari. Always a big thrill for Syd....and poor grampa Held nearly had a heart attack watching those monkeys climb all over our van!! Haha!

Sydney's friend Ella turned two as well on Saturday and had a little birthday party for both Ella and Sydney. It was lots of fun, and Sydney had a blast playing in the water! Thanks Mari for including Sydney on Ella's special day! We had lots of fun!


sager said...

I think she looks like her daddy.

Michelle Sweeney said...

What a cutie she is growing up to be.