Friday, June 15, 2007

Oh yeah...did I mention we're moving??

I think I've forgotten something very important in the last two updates....we sold our house!! We decided to list our house so Paul and gramma and grampa Held worked their tails off to get this house in showable condition over the May long weekend. We listed the house on May 17th and we sold it on May 17th! That was a huge relief!! Thank you Tina Goldrick, our superstar agent! We found a house we really liked that Friday and our offer was accepted on Saturday. It's not any bigger than our current house, but we really needed a 4th bedroom. We are hiring a live-in nanny, and if we stay here....well, there is nowhere for her to live!

The big selling feature of this house was the great big back yard! There should be lots of room to let the kids run, and a pool to keep daddy happy too!! It's a nice quiet crescent and we have no neighbours behind us.
Right after our offer was accepted on the house, we did some telephone interviews for a live-in nanny. We are very happy with the nanny we selected. Her name is Wilbina and she is a Filipino nanny currently working in Hong Kong. We've started the process to get her here, and are really hoping she'll be here around the end of August. We're excited to have her here to help us out with Sydney and the boys while I'm on maternity leave and then to take care of them when I go back to work. We're hoping that she will be very comfortable and happy in our home.


Ebony said...

Wow....congratulations guys. Life has changed really quickly since the last time we saw you guys. I can't believe the photo of your belly. HUGE!!!!! This blog is a really great idea. We can't wait until the boys can meet Carson. He is going to love playing with them. Wishing you all the best. Give Sydney a big hug for us.

Tricia G said...

What a great backyard!

Lynne Mc said...

Nothing like adding a little more stress Casey :-)
Good luck my friend!