Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Week 30 - ultrasound and a visit to Kingston

Last week's ultrasound showed that baby A's stomach looked a bit small, which really doesn't mean much since they seem to be so squished that it's almost impossible to get good measurements. Regardless, I was back in today to check on a few things. This is the first ultrasound I've had this pregnancy that was less than 1.5 hours, so I was pretty excited. I really thought frequent ultrasounds would be so much more fun than they is almost crippling to lay on the table for that long! Everything looked pretty good. Baby A's stomach looked fine, but now baby B's fluids look a bit low. Since A & B are twins, there is concern about twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, but it's more likely that this is another case of inaccurate measurements due to the fact that the babies are so squished in there! I asked for a couple of pictures this time so I could share....I think this one is pretty interesting since it shows baby A's face....

It's tough to know what you're looking at. There is a bit of baby C in the top left corner. Baby B's head is the big thing in the middle (I think his arm is just above his head). Baby A's head is just above and to the right of baby B's head. You can see his eyes and face (hint: he's upside down).

Still don't see about this?
I just thought that one was cool. It's really neat to see the ultrasounds now because it's just one big mess of limbs. I have no idea how they keep track of who is who...or at least whose arm or leg they are measuring!!
I've got all of today's ultrasound pictures updated on my Yahoo! photos (
Paul and Sydney went on a road trip to Kingston this weekend. I couldn't go because the trip is a bit too long for me these days. It will probably be a while before we all make it there again, so Paul wanted to get Sydney down for one last visit before the boys arrive. Gramma Place came to Cambridge to keep me company, so she missed out on the visit, but will get plenty of Sydney visits when she comes to help out with the boys!
Sydney showed Oma her bracelets and they looked at pictures together on Saturday morning. I think Oma even got a hug and a kiss goodbye, which is a tough task somedays! Then it was off to the park for a visit with Sally and Willow. Sydney was not very patient waiting for her turn on the swings, but then really loved swinging beside Willow. She was Willow's shadow and copied everything she did! Sydney fed the birds most of her picnic lunch. Daddy and Sydney did a quick walk around the market and stopped in to say hi to Betty and Vera. By this time, it was well past nap time, so it was time to hit the road to gramma and grampa Held's house for a bit of a sleep.
After a bit of a nap, Sydney and daddy headed to Steve & Cheryl's house for dinner. Sydney was not in her best mood, but she got to meet baby Reese, which is more than mommy can say at this point! Finally, one last visit for the day with great gramma place and Michelle. Unfortunately, great gramma only got to watch Sydney because she was having too much fun playing with Michelle and Cricket! Wow, that is a lot of visiting in one day!!!!
Sunday morning was a little bit lighter playing with gramma and grampa Held and a lunch time visit with great grampa Held and Anne. Sydney got to play the piano at Anne's house, which was a big thrill! It would have been nice to see more people, but you can only do so much with a day and a half right!! No pictures from this trip....daddy is no photographer, and didn't even bother to bring the camera!!
Meanwhile at home, me and gramma Place went for haircuts and pedicures!!! I can't see my feet, but I'm told they look beautiful!! That's about as much excitement as I can handle in any one weekend, so poor gramma was stuck just keeping me company in my big chair.
I'm starting to get VERY uncomfortable, but I'm not on bedrest yet, so I'll stop the complaining right there! (for now.....)

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