Saturday, July 14, 2007

Growing boys!

It's nice to be able to say that there isn't much to update on. The boys have been doing very well. Both Seth and Ryan are big enough now that they've ditched the isolettes and moved into a crib together. Jake is about 55 grams shy of joining them...grow baby grow!! All 3 boys are now starting to take bottles for some of their feeds. Until now they have been tube fed (tube through the nose directly into the stomach), so it will be nice to get the tubes out. Ryan is a champ with the bottle! Jake and Seth are doing pretty well, but get kind of lazy and tired out.

There are a few things that have to happen before the boys can come home....
1. They have to be taking all of their feeds by bottle
2. Jake and Seth are on caffeine for some little apnea bouts so they will be a least a week after they stop getting the caffeine to make sure they are not having any spells
3. Everyone needs to be growing steadily....which doesn't seem to be a problem at this point!

This is Seth...he just passed the 1800gram mark (about 4lbs). Although for us they look like they've grown quite a bit, they are still very, very tiny!

Ryan has been having a bit of trouble with his oxygen saturation, but I don't anticipate it will be much of a problem.
Here's another shot of mommy and the boys. From left to right, they are Ryan, Jake, then Seth. It's hard to tell in any of the pictures, but Jake and Seth look very much alike and while Ryan looks a bit similar, he definitely is not identical.
I'm still really hopeful that everyone will be home by the end of the month. I don't think it's all that unrealistic. It sounds ridiculous, but I think life will be easier once we get them home. It will be exhausting, but not having to travel back and forth to the hospital everyday will be great!

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