Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bath time!

I know I just posted an update yesterday, but I couldn't resist. Today was bath day for Ryan and Seth. Their nurse, Angie, was going to bath Seth and I would do Ryan. I think I've figured out why the boys scream when I bath them....Angie's water was a lot warmer than my water usually is!! Poor guys....anyway, when Seth was almost done, we stuck Ryan in there with him....they were so content to just float around in this nice warm water so one of the other nurses snapped a polaroid. Just thought I'd share...I thought it was pretty cute!!

I do have a bit more of an update. Ryan's feeding tube is gone...he's exclusively bottle feeding now, which is fantastic. And even better, they've taken him off the oxygen. We may not be done with it yet, but it looks pretty promising. Ryan only has one monitor on, and it's on his foot. If his oxygen saturation is good, I wouldn't be surprised if he was home in the next week or so (not holding my breath, but just hoping). Jake and Seth are off the caffeine, so they have at least a week to go, but Seth is almost off the tube feedings as well, so I don't think he'll be far behind Ryan. Jake is doing well too, but he hasn't caught up in size yet. He only gained 5 grams last night, so he wasn't much closer to joining his brothers in the cot. Nurse Angie told us to start bringing a car seat in this week so that we can test the boys out in it....that feels like a pretty good sign that they could come home soon. Yahoo!


Melissa said...

Thanks for sharing the photos with us. The boys look great though still pretty tiny. I guess it makes it easier to hold them in your arms all at once! I hope that you're all together at home soon.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Casey & Paul. The boys and you look terrific. It's nice to be able to check their progress on this blog, and to see the pictures. Hope you can all be home soon.


sager said...

Sounds promising. I'll keep the boys in my thoughts.