Thursday, July 19, 2007


The boys have finally made it into one crib....very, very, very cute!!! They sleep very peacefully together and when you take one out, the other two grunt like crazy! It's really funny actually.

Jake almost got his feeding tube out today. He was doing very well with his bottles and I was hoping that when it came out for bath time, they wouldn't have to put another one back in....but he decided to sleep through his whole feeding and the tube is back in. Oh well...he's little, so we can't push him too hard. It really won't be much longer though.

Ryan had his oxygen off a couple of days ago, but he seemed very lathargic and just not himself, so they put him back on just a whiff. Today, they shut it off again, but left the tubes on just in case. I guess I'll see in the morning how he's doing without it.

Seth has no issues at all at this point. There is lots of talk about them all coming home sometime next week. Obviously Jake and Ryan need to get the tubes off their faces, but they are all doing so well, especially since they aren't even full term yet. I still can't picture any of them fitting into a car set yet!

Last weekend Gramma Place and cousin Jessica came for a visit. Sydney had lots of fun playing with Jess! Gramma got to come to the hospital and cuddle with the babies. Good timing because by the end of the weekend, the NICU was so full that no more visitors are allowed (temporarily). It's parents only, so even Sydney can't go in.


Amanda said...

Casey I am glad everything seems to be going well. The boys are so handsome.

Carla Place said...

How wonderfull!! Look at the little cuties. I am happy to see that everyone is doing well