Monday, July 23, 2007

The good, the bad, and the ugly

The Good
The boys are coming home tomorrow!! Well, I think they are coming home tomorrow. They are doing their car seat tests today and assuming everyone passes, we'll have them here sometime tomorrow!

The Bad
The boys were supposed to come home today....but their mother (me), has a very nasty case of Mastitis, which has spread to both breasts and now requires me to be on IV, while the boys are totally ready to go home, I can't take care of them, so they are still in the hospital. Crap!

The Ugly
Although every nurse, doctor and lactation consultant at Grand River Hospital has seen them, it would be indecent of me to show you all, but let me just say, it ain't pretty!


Tricia G said...

Awww Casey I am so sorry - Hopefully everyting clears up soon and you can get your boys home!

Thinking about you all
Love The Goodings

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Casey! The boys have come a long way and will be causing you grief soon enough. Thanks for the blog, great job!

Luv Sue and Kevin