Sunday, July 29, 2007

We made it home! And then the chaos began....

The boys all passed their car seat tests last Monday and were set to come home Tuesday. For the car seat test, they put the baby in the seat for a half hour or so and monitor their heartrate, breathing and oxygen saturation to make sure they can withstand the car ride. They are obviously still very small, so they don't fit well in the car seats at all. The chest buckle itself is much wider than their bodies.

We had a follow up appointment with the pediatrician on Thursday and the boys have all grown very well. As of Thursday, their weights were as follows:
Jake: 4lbs 11oz
Seth: 5lbs 0.5oz
Ryan: 5lbs 5oz

Gramma Place came to stay and help out with the babies. She's been very helpful with the feeds and the mountains of laundry! You wouldn't think we'd have so much already, but they are messy eaters, so just the face cloths alone almost make a daily load! The first couple of days were exhausting because I was so sore and still on an IV and still pumping to help get rid of the infection, and not sleeping when I should be sleeping. Daddy is still working full time, but trying to help out with night feeds too. We've made the adjustment now, and I think we're all doing a little better with it.

The babies are sharing a crib in our family room and we've set up a make shift bed for me next to them. They are NOISY! They aren't really crying a lot yet (it will come, I know) but all 3 of them grunt all night long. It's ridiculous....luckily for me, I've reached the point of exhaustion where I can sleep anywhere, anytime the opportunity presents itself!

Sydney holding Jake....we're very trusting. This was moments before she not-so-gently handed him back.

Sydney is doing very well with her baby brothers. She likes to give them hugs and help us feed them (i.e. put her hand on the bottle while we feed them). I'm not sure if she'll be as loving with them once they get a bit more demanding and start to steal her thunder, but so far she's doing really well.

And now, the real fun....we're selling our house! I know, we already sold our house...but as it turns out, the people who bought it were just joking and they don't want to we're selling it again! Wonderful timing, since nothing shows better than a house with newborn triplets living in the family room! LOL!! Let's hope it goes just as quickly this time around....

Seth and Jake battling it out...or maybe they are trying to hug.

We are taking all the chaos with a good sense of humour. Although Gramma and I may be stressing each other out, as mothers and daughters do, we're all managing very well. Having said that, food is always welcome! LOL!

Just a note regarding visitors....

Daddy and Nicole having a bottle while giving a bottle.

We want nothing more than to show off these boys because, if I do say so myself, I do make beautiful babies! Unfortunately, preemie babies are much more sensitive than full term babies. Their lungs and other organs are not as well developed and something as simple as a cold can be very dangerous for them. The pediatrician recommends that we limit visitors for the first little while. Those who do come, should make sure they are in good health, wash their hands thoroughly before handling babies, and under no circumstances, should the babies be exposed to second hand smoke. It may sound like we're being anal, paranoid parents, but their health is our number 1 priority right now.

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Andrew said...

Sounds like everyone is adjusting well. I am impressed.