Saturday, August 18, 2007

We're finally in! Whew!

The move is finally over....I don't know where anything is, but we're in nonetheless! Gramma and Grampa Held came to help pack us up and move and what a big help they were! I think next time we move, they are going to go into hiding until it's over =) We have been so lucky to have so many nice people around us to help out. During the big move we had tons of help from Marg and her daughter Katie, Nicole, Mari and Tricia. They were feeding babies, loading vans and moving stuff to the new house! All of the moving boxes provided by Mari via her new freecycle addiction of course! Brad and Gary helped Paul with his very first paint job, which looks excellent! Mari was our colour consultant and did a marvelous job! What a relief to be surrounded by such great people!!! I'm quite sure we could not have pulled this off without all of the help, so thank you guys so much!!!

The boys went to McMaster on Wednesday for their second eye exams. Brave mommy watched the whole thing, which by the way is really gross, so I won't describe it for you. And they scream the whole time as though they were being tortured....but on the bright side, they all did very well and don't need to go back for 3 months (very good sign). Thursday we saw the pediatrician and everyone got weighed. If you can believe it, Ryan is 7lbs 8ounces, Seth 7lbs 2ounces and Jake 6lbs 12ounces!!! They have all doubled their birth weight!! Other than a bit of anemia, they are all doing fantastic!

We've done a couple of walks through the neighbourhood in our super massive stroller. It's big, but it handles very well. I'll have to take a picture of the boys in it so you all can see just how long this thing is. It attracts a lot of attention and I'm afraid of causing a traffic accident with it. We met a few of our neighbours while out on our stroll and everyone seems very nice.

The boys are officially full term next week, and with the slightly cooler weather, we may just be able to get out for a visit or two soon. It's really hard for me to be as cautious as I'm told to be when they just seem so healthy!
Just in case you didn't see my post from earlier today, if you have a free evening over the next two weeks, I could definitely use some baby feeders since Paul will be on night shift. Just send me an email if you can spare some time for a 6pm or 9pm feeding. Thanks!!
We're all very tired now...time for a rest!

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