Saturday, August 18, 2007

Just a quick one...any volunteers??

Just a quick note to solicit some evening help. Paul is taking the month of September off for parental leave, which will make life easier around here, but he's got two weeks left of work and they are both afternoon shifts. That means I'm on my own with Sydney and the boys for the evening, so I was wondering if anyone in town might be available for a 6pm or 9pm feeding? Most of the time I can feed two at once and the third can usually wait, but the 6pm is a tough one since Sydney will be home and having dinner then too. 9pm is a bit tough too because they tend to be awake for that stretch and a little cranky by feeding time. If you have time to help out any week night over the next two weeks, just send me an email at We are living in East Galt (Cambridge) so we may be a bit of a hike for those in Waterloo, but we're hoping cuddly adorable little triplets might make the drive worthwhile :)

I've got an update and lots of pictures coming, but duty calls at the moment in the form of hungry babies!

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