Tuesday, September 4, 2007

We survived!!




Mom, Dad & Syd in the pool

I don't see the difference do you see the difference?? Actually, I do, but do you?? Okay, I'll give it to you....Jake is on the right....I think.

Sandra and the boys

Tanya with Jake and Ryan

Ryan getting fresh with Jen!!

All my kids!! Looks like they are all going to be trouble makers...uh oh!

Sydney is a water baby now!

Oops! This post is almost a full week late....but here it is!

What a great week! It was a tough one because Paul was working and I had all 4 kids in the evenings, but as it turns out, it's not hard to find good help at all!! We are very lucky to have some great friends who came to our rescue! A very special thanks to Sandra, Nicole, Jen C, Tanya and Amanda for coming over to help. Thanks for all of your help and for being great company too! I'm glad I needed the help or I wouldn't have had the opportunity to visit with everyone! I really want to thank Mari, Clare, Marg, Trish, Julie and Jen M for volunteering to help as well (hope I didn't forget anyone!).

The boys seem to be getting bigger everyday. They've even got extra chins now! Sydney is still a very loving big sister and gives them about a million kisses and hugs a day...so much for staying away from germs!!

A couple of weeks ago, we got really 'brave' (read: stupid) and decided to take all 4 kids to the Lion Safari. It actually turned out okay, but it really does take a lot away from Sydney when we get stopped every 2 feet with people wanting to see the babies. Getting stopped doesn't bother me, but it's really unfair to Sydney, one because she gets left out of the attention, and two because it slows us down in doing the fun things we came to do with her....oh well...she had lots of fun anyway and she got to go again this week with just daddy. What a treat!!

We've got lots of fun happening this weekend....Sydney and her buddy Ella start gymnastics on Saturday, and then we're off to the Mighty Machines show in Kitchener. The Cambridge Fair is this weekend too and it's right around the corner from us. Lots of fun things to do!! I think we'll try the boys at the fair...it's way more fun if we can all get out. The trouble is really just convincing Paul that it's a good idea to leave the house with the babies. He may let them out once they can hold their own bottles...LOL!

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