Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Long overdue update!!

It would appear that I am not good at keeping this blog up to date! It's not that I don't want to....but as it turns out, I have a LOT of children, and not as much time to get on the computer....who knew??

Sydney got stung on her eyelid trying to get up into one of these swings....she looked like she got punched out!

We had lots of fun with Paul off on parental leave with us, but it was cut short by a fantastic job offer from Toyota! I really wanted to be excited for Paul, because this is fantastic news....but it also means that Paul had to go back to work earlier than planned and I have all 4 kids by myself....oye! Luckily for me, Aunt Nykki to the rescue!! She has come to stay with us this week to help me out....and a big help she is!! My house is looking kind of clean!!
I think we're working her too hard!!

Things are going pretty well here. The boys themselves have been relatively easy up to this point. They are sleeping from their 9pm feed until about 4am and then again until morning. Can't beat that right?? And Sydney, on her own, is great too....the combination, however, is really tough! It's so hard to keep her day interesting while taking care of the boys at the same time. I find that really hard. It's been nice to have someone else around so that we can split up and give her more time. Once I'm on my own, I'm going to have to be a more organized person to give her the time she needs/wants/deserves.

When the boys got their 2 month shots, the doctor noticed that Jake was doing a lot of indrawing. He looked like he was working much harder to breath than the other boys. We saw the pediatrician yesterday and she said she can hear a murmer. We did some tests and now we're going to Mac on Friday for an ECG and to see the cardiologist. I'm trying not to worry about this until they tell me I have something to worry about.....easier said than done.

Andrea and Jason came to visit with their son Quinton. That's a lot of Sens fans on one couch!!!

We went to the Drumbo fair this much to see or do, but it really doesn't take much to entertain a 2 year old so Sydney had fun. We decided to pretend all the other babies were Nykki's so we ditched her with the stroller =) Sydney got to go for a pony ride, which was a big hit! Daddy didn't even hold on to her!!

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