Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Big, big, big boys!!

We had an appointment with the pediatrician today and the boys are doing very well....Jake weighed in at 12lbs 7oz; Ryan 12lbs 13oz; and Seth 13lbs 14oz!!!!! Notice that Seth, who at the beginning of September was a couple of oz lighter than Ryan, is now a full pound heavier!! And he looks it too! He's a rolly polly boy....but nothing looks better to a mom of preemies, than big chubby babies!

Today, I ventured to the mall, by myself, with all 4 children. Am I a lunatic?? Not's amazing how a change of scenery can make the day feel a lot easier, even if it's not easier to get there! I thought the stroller drew a lot of attention when we were out for walks....boy oh boy, I think I turned every head in the mall today!! I couldn't get rid of some people!!

Since Wilbina is still waiting for her visa, I've been lucky to have aunt Nykki's help. She's been amazing at keeping my house looking decent, my babies smelling clean, and my laundry piles in check! But I've had my share of days alone with all 4 kids, so I'm finding ways to multitask the jobs I have to do, with providing entertaining activities for Sydney....unfortunately, most of these activities result in a really wet kitchen, but's not like the floors couldn't use a cleaning anyway right???
Not sure how long they will stay on for, but I have managed to find Halloween costumes for all 4 kids.....I will do my best to make sure there is a photo....but I can't promise that they won't be bawling in it! LOL!

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Anonymous said...

I am happy to say that i know them apart even though i haven't seen them in a couple weeks:):) Talk to u soon , Nykki