Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Happy New Year!!

I hope everyone had a great holiday! I'd love to say I have tons of Christmas pictures but I don't. I got a fancy new camera, but I was so afraid to touch it the first day, that I didn't really capture any gift opening moments with it. I've taken 500 pictures since, but not too many on Christmas morning.

We had a nice quiet Christmas this year. This was the first year for both Paul and I that we weren't with our families. Sad, but it was also nice to begin our own traditions as a family. Sydney had a really fun scavenger hunt for her Christmas Eve present (pjs). We were really happy that Wilbina was here to spend Christmas with us too. Paul cooked a turkey and made stuffing, and it was actually very good! And I made potatoes....not instant ones either, the real thing!! Paul said he liked the instant ones better.

We had a fun, toddler friendly New Years Eve at Mark & Nicole's (Drew & Colbey's parents). The kids ran around like crazy and burned off some excess energy.

My two sets of triplets!! Okay...Drew & Colbey belong to Nicole, but they look like they could be triplets don't they??

This is Aime (Ella's baby sister). The boys will be fighting over her when they get big, but for now, Jake's going in for his New Year's kiss!

We started potty training the week before Christmas....frustrating at first, but things have been going very well! We're trying to get the boys to learn from Sydney, but it's not going well...they still poop their pants...darn!

Sydney teaching the boys about the 5-hole (from her new hockey counting book)

They look like they are making a plan!

Seth & Jake fighting over the elephant Sydney gave them for Christmas.

I love dress up time!

Great Gramma Place's sister Margaret has a friend who made these really nice sweaters for the boys. They were still a tad big at the time, so we didn't get Ryan into his. That was almost a month ago, and they've all gained almost 2 pounds since!!!

Wilbina (who, by the way, is awesome!), and I took the kids for their monthly RSV shots today...and I cannot believe how big they are! Jake is 16lbs 12oz; Ryan is 17lbs 6oz; and Seth is 18lbs 8oz!!!! Ryan is also very long. Jake and Seth can't touch the ground in the Jumperoo after we set it up for Ryan.

A local photographer (Zelia Bester), very generously offered to take pictures for us before Christmas. The boys were incredibly cooperative. Sydney was not...which is why we have a picture of just the boys, but no picture of just took bribery (the chocolate kind) just to get these pictures! I really love the one with the 4 of, I make good looking kids!

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