Thursday, January 17, 2008

I found some Christmas pics afterall!

I just realized that my crappy old camera still had some pictures on it that I hadn't downloaded...including Christmas!!

Opa came for a visit!! It was his first chance to meet the glad he could come!

Wilbina's new skates! If I could remember how to skate, I would totally take her out there...right now, I fear for my own safety =)

New Dora slippers to match the new Dora PJs! I have to tell you, this Dora thing does not seem to be getting old on her. Me? Long time ago baby!

Check out my lounge wear!!! Where are my Dora slippers??

Merry Christmas!!!!

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Michelle said...

I hear you with the Dora thing. Emilia has taken to calling herself Dora and Matt is now boots and I am...wait for it...the big red chicken. Ha ha! I don't realise she is talking to me until she is there beside me tugging me - I can't get used to the idea that I am answerable to a chicken name!