Wednesday, January 30, 2008

We're hitting the road!

We're making our first big family trip! We'll be heading to Kingston on Saturday Feb 16th for a little visit and coming home either the 18th or 19th. Oma has very kindly offered up her home to us to stay and to host visitors. It's quite a chore to pack everyone up for a visit, so we probably won't get out much. Having said that, we'd love to see as many people as we can. If you think you might be able to make it out to Wilton for a visit, please send me an email ( and let me know so we can try to coordinate. I obviously have not really thought this through yet, but I just want to see first how many people are planning to drop by.

Daddy and his Senator girl!
Bubble chin
New bath tub!
Rolling all over each other...

Sydney and Ella having lunch

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