Monday, February 11, 2008

Belly babies

Ryan & Jake
We can't seem to keep these babies off their bellies these days! So much for hating tummy time! Ryan has been rolling the longest, and I'm quite sure he can purposely roll back onto his back. Jake rolls onto his back as well, but his head usually makes a big thud on the ground so I doubt it's intentional. Seth just caught on this week but he's making up for lost time! Ryan and Jake keep ending up under the couch...I have a feeling 'baby-proofing' is in my very near future.

We had one super warm day (9 degrees celcius), so we headed to the Toronto Zoo with Mari, Ella and Aime. The girls had tons of fun watching the animals. I couldn't believe how many animals were outside in the snow! Who knew the zoo was open 364 days a year?!?!?

Wilbina and the kids...yep...they like her! We do too!!

Holding hands

Sydney and Ella went to the zoo! Imagine...the zoo in February!!

Monkeys playing
I think he's in timeout Monkeys watching monkeys
The first time the elephants were out all winter!

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Michelle Sweeney said...

Those photos look very cute. We are planning on taking Emilia to the zoo over the Easter holidays so that should be fun.