Tuesday, March 25, 2008

If you don't have anything nice to say.....

Today, Sydney and I went for a little mommy/daughter coffee (smoothie & apple juice actually) at Tim Hortons. Sydney seems to attract almost as much attention as her brothers (when they aren't around of course).....maybe she's just got spunk, but she tends to attract the elderly and the crazies mostly. Anyway, people always talk to me when she's with me...so the lady behind the counter asks how old she is, and then the lady behind me jumps in to talk about her and ask if she had any siblings. Well, I should have kept my mouth shut, but I told her she had 9 month old triplet brothers, and you'll never guess what she said....'oh, no wonder, you look like you still have them inside you!'. It really doesn't matter what my belly looks like, that is not nice! Okay, so she was almost definitely a bit of a crazy and continued to talk to me (like it or not), the entire time she was there as though she had said nothing offensive, but really, who says that to someone??? So, the lesson for all of you out there is this....if you don't have anything nice to say, go away you crazy lunatic!!

Moving on, sadly, I don't have any Easter pictures to post....because I didn't take any! I did take a few shots of Sydney and Wilbina dying eggs, but nothing from the hunt. I did video tape it, but I haven't quite figured out how to share that yet....sorry. Needless to say, the egg hunt was a big hit, particularly those eggs made out of chocolate, or with chocolate hidden inside.

And my biggest bit of excitement....the babies are starting to sit up! Ryan is totally solid...he still tips occasionally, but usually can catch his balance, or at least break his fall. Seth is looking a bit more solid everyday, but does still need to be surrounded by pillows as he seems to not notice that he's falling at all until his face hits the floor. Jake....well, Jake is not good at sitting, but he's getting better. The good news is that his face is so close to his feet when he sits that he really doesn't have far to go when he does fall :)

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Anonymous said...

Casey, you and your little family continue to amaze me. Everyone seems to be doing so well. You must be so proud.

And as for that lady... you handled yourself very well. I can't say I would have been that cool.