Monday, March 31, 2008

Back to work....

Well, this week is my last chance to walk around in my pajamas until noon. I'm going back to work! My first day back will be Monday April 7....which just happens to be my birthday, so not only will I be leaving all of my beautiful children at home to go to work, I'll also be old. haha. It will be an exciting opportunity for me, although I doubt Sydney will see it that way :) The babies are unlikely to care...well, maybe Ryan...he loves his mama! Seth sort of prefers Bina...and Jake would be happy as long as we left Sydney to entertain him. Big sisters have got to be the funniest thing ever created you know!

I could not resist...I was getting the boys ready for bed and had the urge to let them all roam naked. No mess, but bum pictures were a natural result....I don't think they will find them as cute as I do when they get older!

They are actually easier to tell apart from 'behind'!

They were watching Dora with Sydney and it was a tough sell to get them to look at me

Next weekend is the Elmira Maple Syrup festival...let's hope for good weather because I'm bringing all of the kids....even if it kills me!


lchan said...

Your babies are adorable!

Where did you get your floor play mats? I've been looking around, but am not sure which to get.

Good luck with returning to work!
mom to GBB triplets

Casey said...

Thanks! I think I bought the mats at Home Depot or somewhere like that. I bought them when my daughter was a baby, so it's been a while!