Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Whew....life is busy! The boys are extremely mobile.....they are crawling on their hands and knees, pulling up to stand, and even moving along the furniture. Yikes! They all let go as though they know what they're doing, but they clearly do not. It's so interesting to see how brave they are where versus Sydney, but then she was such a little thinker! She could play quietly for a long time and could stay focussed on one thing for a long time.....Jake, Seth & Ryan are just not those kind of babies!

We bought season passes for the Lion Safari this year, so we've been making lots of trips. In this trip, we met up with Drew & Colbey and their mom, Nicole. Drew, Colbey, Sydney & Ella play soccer together, which is why the big kids are wearing matching shirts below. I definitely felt like the big kids were thought to be triplets more than the little ones. Which was kind of neat. Drew & Colbey look very, very alike, but Sydney is the same height, with similar coloured hair. Put them in the same soccer jersey and stuff them into the wagon, and voila! Two sets of triplets!!

Sydney & daddy went for an elephant ride....but this elephant needed a pitstop! The poor girl could barely carry the pee bucket! haha! Syd had no idea what was going on :)

All of the kids celebrated their birthdays in June. I took the day off and went to the Lion Safari for Syd's birthday....she did okay there but seemed to be not herself at dinner. Paul picked her up and she barfed all over him....so, she didn't open any presents or eat any cake on her birthday :( poor girl! We bought an ice cream cake the day after her birthday, and she was very excited to blow out a candle, but didn't touch a single bite.

All 4 kids were sick around the time of their birthdays, but seemed to recover in time for the birthday party. Jake even tried to break into the beers :) I don't have many pictures from the party, but between Gramma Place and the other computer, I'll round up a few. I must post pictures of the boys eating their birthday cupcakes....what a mess!

The boys got to go for a dip in the pool with gramma & grampa, Syd & daddy!

Jessica stayed after the birthday party for about a week. She was an amazing help for a 9 yr old girl! When Derek & Nykki came to pick her up, we all went to the splash pad at the Lion Safari. Sydney and Jess had a blast....the boys...hit & miss I'd say. Jake detested it! Both Jake and Seth were attached to Derek while he was here. They wanted him to carry them around everywhere. How bizarre!

I'll try to get some more pictures up soon....but I just wanted to get a quick update on before another month goes by :)

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