Friday, July 25, 2008

Sunny/rainy July

What a strange summer...I haven't seen grass this green in July in a LONG time!!! Which is great, since I've got 3 crawlers, and who wants to crawl on prickly dried up grass?!?

I've finally got the computer back up and running so I'm going to dig for some good pictures that I have been meaning to post!

Ryan...testing out Sydney's chair...he looks so comfy, and maybe it doesn't look strange to anyone else, because he's pretty big, but he really is not capable of sitting up in a chair like that, and yet seems to be having no trouble at all :)

They LOVE her!!! And somedays....she likes them too :)
Sydney loves her bouncy castle! What a lucky girl!

It's way heavier than it looks!!
This was actually their first ride in the wagon....they are pros now!

The boys' first bath was a bit wet, but I think they were so excited that they didn't think to get into trouble....can't really do this anymore because they won't stay all....ever!

Still don't have many birthday party pictures to post, but I do have cupcake pictures! This is my favorite, because in true Jake style, when he couldn't pick it up easily with his hands, he just got it with his mouth!!!
While Paul's work was on shutdown, we had some beautiful weather. We set up the small pools in the yard and the kids had a blast! Jake played decoy to allow the others to escape :)
Sydney, for one day and one day only, decided it was okay to get her face wet!

Jake & Seth had just woken up from their nap and would not stay away from the I gave up and let them at it. They pulled out just enough stuff to make room for Jake!

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