Thursday, March 31, 2011

Group Therapy?

Maybe it really is the mother's fault after all. Maybe my children will one day sit together in a group therapy session, telling their shrink all about the time their mother stuck them out on the front step in just a pull up, no shoes or coat, and told them to go find another house to sleep at because they were no longer allowed to stay at this one. I can justify to you 100 ways why he deserved to be out there, and I can tell you every other approach I've tried to get them all to stay quietly in their bed. But I know it's wrong...and I feel guilty and wonder what kind of psychological damage I'm doing to them. But can I also just tell you, that it is damn quiet in that room right now? And we're living moment to moment here...especially when sleep is on the line. So I will set aside my guilt, strategize a more humane approach for tomorrow, and be satisfied that I accomplished my task for the evening, which is to make them sleep. Done.

In more exciting news, Sydney got into the French Immersion program at Highland Public School. It was our first choice of schools, primarily because they have MANY sections of kindergarten, and simply having an older sibling enrolled in FI at the school, grants the boys the right to go there as well. At least for JK/SK. The large number of kindergarten classes will allow us to split the boys into seperate classes, but still have them in school on the same days. Phew!! And trust me, seperate classes is really their best chance of success! Did I say best? I meant only.

Just wanted to share a little colourful springtime artwork with you all. Sydney and I decided to paint up the dining room window and patio doors to 'encourage' the sun to work a little harder at bringing on spring. This is a nice note to end on...makes me look like a nicer mom. But really...wouldn't the photo have been a truer picture of life in this house if it had someone serving a time out on the other side of the glass? LOL! Okay...that wasn't nice.

Rather than post a bunch of pics from February/March this time around, I'll just share a link to them. They are on Facebook, but you don't have to join Facebook to look at them!

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